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  60th Anniversary of China-Indonesia Diplomatic Relation
RI, China to showcase art talent to mark 60 years of links

Fifty of Chinas finest brush paintings will rub frames with 60 traditional Balinese paintings at the National Gallery, Central Jakarta, for the first time ever, from tomorrow to Sept. 21, in an exhibition titled "Ceremony 60".

The exhibition is one of many events organized this year to celebrate the 60lh anniversary of relations between Indonesia and China.

For six days, art connoisseurs and people curious to learn about Chinese art will be able to immerse themselves in landscapes of mountains, gorges and lakes crystallized using a 1,000-year-old watercolor painting technique, while enjoying the warm depiction of Balinese communal life through paintings.

Chinas brush paintings will conjure images of "Serenity and Harmony" whife their Balinese counterparts will inspire musings about "Nature and Figuration".

The Chinese Cultural Ministry and the Indonesian Culture and Tourism Ministry along with the Bali Bangkit (Awakening) Committee organized the event with the help of the Chinese Embassy in Jakarta and business communities including the Chinese Indonesian Businessmen and Community Association (PERMIT), and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industrys China Commission.

Head of the Bali Bangkit Committee Jusuf Wanandi said "Ceremony 60" would be the first exhibition bringing together Chinese brush painting masterpieces and Balinese traditional paintings.

"It is rare to see Chinese brush paintings outside of China, since most of these priceless paintings tend to remain under heavy protection in various museums around China," he said.

Although some of the paintings were briefly exhibited in the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries, said Benjamin Yin, a senior project manager for the China Arts and Entertainment Group, this would be the first time these workswere brought to Indonesia.

Many of the Chinese works blend painting and poetry, a technique pioneered by poet and painter Wang Wei, which has become one of the main characteristics of Chinese paintings.

The 50 brush paintings include works of Chinese masters Wu Changshuo, Qi Baishi, Lin Fengmi-an, Li Keran and Li Kucan. Contemporary works by artists such as Wu Guanzhong, Wang Mingming and Shi Chuan will also be on display.

Fan Chuangeng from the China Arts and Entertainment group explained brush paintings conveyed Chinas philosophy of harmony.

"As a unique way of expression, [brush painting] renders the harmonious emotion and state of the world by the simple, plain ink color rather dian the various colors of nature," he said.

Meanwhile, curator Agus Dermawan T. explained in his introduc-tory note for the Balinese "Nature and Figuration" collection that Balinese paintings had been selected for this 60lh anniversary because of Chinas influence on Balinese art.

"Traditional Balinese arts, which have evolved widely since the Wa-turenggong era in the 15lh century, have often presented Chinese ornamental motifs, known as patra-cina in Bali," Agus stated.

Another event related to the bilateral ties of both countries is a public seminar on "Indonesia and China after the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations", which will be conducted in Indonesian and Mandarin on Monday, Sept 20, at Hotel Mulia, Central Jakarta, from 130 p.m. to 630 p.m. (The Jakarta Post)

"Ceremony 60"

Sepi 16-21

National Gallery

Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur No. 14


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