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Grand Dance Drama "Maritime Silk Road" on Stage in Jakarta

Grand Dance Drama "Maritime Silk Road", supported by the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Indonesia, hosted by Culture Department of Fujian Provincial government of China, organized by Perhimpunan Fujian Indonesia, was on stage at Balai Sarbini on April 1st. Chinese Ambassador Xie Feng watched the performance and delivered opening remarks.

As pointed out by Ambassador Xie in his opening remarks, the Silk Road spirit with a history of over 2000 years, features peace, friendship, openness, inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit. The dance drama "Maritime Silk Road" came to Jakarta for its special significance. In 2013, President Xi Jinping put forward the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" initiative in Indonesia, in order to promote exchanges and mutual learning among the different countries along the route, seek mutual benefit and promote practical cooperation in all fields. As Ambassador Xie said, the dance drama "Maritime Silk Road" gives expression to the friendship with the melody, applauds peace with dancing, and connects emotions with art. It will enhance the mutual understanding and friendship, and cement popular support for the friendly relations between China and Indonesia

After the performance, Ambassador Xie and other guests went on stage to offer their warm congratulations on the successful performance, and encouraged them to produce more masterpieces to promote the bilateral cultural exchange.

Nearly 1000 guests enjoyed the performance, including officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia, eminent Indonesian dancer and writer Madam Sukmawati Sukarno and other delegates from Indonesian cultural and arts fields, delegates of Chinese community in Indonesia, delegates of Confucian Institutes teachers.

The performance is widely reported in Indonesia. Tempo made in-depth coverage and appreciated the artistic and cultural connotation of the performance with a whole page.

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