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The 2nd Forum on China-ASEAN Technology Transfer and Collaborative Innovation

The 2nd Forum on China-ASEAN Technology Transfer and Collaborative Innovation (FCATTCI), one of the major events of the 11th China-ASEAN Expo, is to be held in September 2014. In order to constantly enhance the exchanges and cooperation among the enterprises and organizations from China and ASEAN states, a series of activities will be held during the Forum, including exhibitions, industrial analysis, key projects promotion, and technology matchmaking, which cover five key fields, i.e. modern agriculture, new energy and renewable energy, biomedicine, electronic information, energy saving and environmental protection.

September 19th-22nd,2014 inNanning, Guangxi, China

Main Content
(i) Opening Ceremony of the 2nd FCATTCI and Promotion Meeting for Industrial Technology Demands of ASEAN States
1. Time: September 19, 2014, A.M.
2. Place: Guangxi Wharton International Hotel (undetermined)
3. Main Agenda
(1). Invite leaders from the science and technology authorities of China and some of the ASEAN states to deliver key note speeches.
(2). Hold relevant ceremonies for key programs under the China-ASEAN Science and Technology Partnership Program.
(3). Select and sign some key programs on China-ASEAN science and technology cooperation.
(4). Representatives of some ASEAN states present their countries' industrial technology demands.

(ii) Exhibition on Advanced Technologies of the 11th China-ASEAN Expo
1. Time: September 19-22, 2014
2. Place: Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center
3. Exhibits: Scientific and technological achievements and products of the enterprises and organizations engaged in the fields of modern agriculture, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, electronic information and biomedicine in China and ASEAN states, especially the key programs under China-ASEAN Science and Technology Partnership Program and other outstanding cooperative achievements.
4. Scale: 2600-square-meter venue; around 250 projects.

(iii) China-ASEAN Technology Matchmaking
1. Time: September 20th, 2014
2. Place: Nanning, Baise and Qinzhou in Guangxi, China
3. Content: industrial analysis, key projects promotion and "one-to-one" matchmaking
4. Fields for Matchmaking
Modern Agriculture (varieties, means of production, agricultural machinery, agro-product processing, agricultural information, and food)
New Energy and Renewable Energy (solar energy technology and its application)
Biomedicine (natural drugs, traditional Chinese medicine)
Electronic Information (telecommunication, Internet, remote sensing, navigation)
Energy Saving and Environmental Protection (energy-saving technology and equipment)
5. Arrangement of Matchmakings
Matchmakings on new energy and renewable energy, biomedicine as well as energy saving and environmental protection are to be held in Nanning, while matchmakings on modern agriculture and electronic information are to be held in Baise National Agricultural SCI-TECH Zone and China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park respectively.

(Ⅳ) . Seminar on China-ASEAN Innovative Policies
1. Time: September 20, 2014, A.M.
2. Place: Guangxi Wharton International Hotel (undetermined)
3. Content: Discuss how China and ASEAN states make regional science and technology policies and implement them in an innovative way so as to boost their positive cooperation.
(1) Discuss how to improve the science and technology policy system of China and ASEAN states
(2) Provide ASEAN states with suggestions for making science and technology policies and laws on the basis of their demands.

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