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International Training Workshop on Business R&D Building from the Perspective of GVC

The International Training Workshop on Business R&D Building from the Perspective of GVC will be hold in Beijing, P. R. China during September 4th ~ 23rd, 2016. The workshop is sponsored by Department of International Cooperation of MOST P. R. China and organized by China Consulting Association (CCA).




In the era of globalization and intellectualization, technological innovation will become a key link to improve national competitiveness and guarantee the sustainable development of economy.

A training workshop will systematically introduce:

How the government provides a stable and opening market and institutional environment for promoting the technical innovation ability of corporate.

How the enterprise establish an effective system of R&D for promoting the ability to absorb exogenous technological knowledge in GVC.

Through visiting typical SME, the training workshop will share the effective practical experience on R&D system construction.

The training workshop will adopt three measures: classroom teaching, site visiting and interactive practice.




R&D capability and national competitiveness

Policies of Chinese government support for enterprises in R&D

 The path of government promotes R&D for enterprises.

 The operating mechanism and best practices of China's national R&D institutes.

 The role of Chinese national Hi-Tech Park for R&D of companies.

 The R&D model of using the social resources effectively

Enterprise competitiveness and R&D capability

 R&D systems of Chinese large firms.

 R&D system of SME.

 the achieved sample of High-tech SME in China, such as Alibaba, Xiaomi Tech, etc.

 Internet + and R&D of corporate.

China's "public entrepreneurship, people innovation" and R&D of corporate.

 Chinese enterprise culture and entrepreneurship.

The influence of MNC's R&D globalization

 Policies measured by Chinese government for introducing MNC's R&D.

 The win-win strategy and mechanism for MNC's R&D institutions and domestic research institutes.

 The model of localization of MNC's R&D and the implementation cases in China.



September 4th ~ 23rd, 2016



Classroom Teaching Place: Beijing

Investigation Area: Yangtze River Delta Region


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