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Remarks by H.E. Mr. Xie Feng Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia at the Reception on the Sidelines of the 85th General Assembly of Interpol

Your Excellency, Ms Mireille Ballestrazzi

President of Interpol

Your Excellency, Mr. Jurgen Stock

Secretary General of Interpol

Your Excellency, Mr. Meng Hongwei

Vice Minister of Public Security

Your Excellency, Mr. Hu Yinquan

Chinese Consulate General in Bali

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear friends,

Good evening! To begin with, on behalf of the Chinese Government and the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, I would like to extend our warm welcome to all of you, to congratulate on the successful convening of the 85th General Assembly of Interpol and, to pay my tribute to the government and national police of Indonesia for their hard work to ensure the success of this conference. Surrounded by so many elite of the police and law enforcement agencies of the world, I have never felt this safe as tonight.

It’s my privilege tonight to host this reception with His Excellency, Mr. Meng Hongwei, Chinese Vice Minister for Public Security. Many of our guests are good friends and good colleagues with Mr. Meng. As you may already know, Mr. Meng is a leader with excellent legal background, global outlook and extensive experience in criminal justice and police work. He is an excellent communicator and coordinator with a strong ability to solve complex issues and an outstanding decision-maker across many areas of law enforcement in China. Mr. Meng is also a pioneer in international law enforcement cooperation. He has made significant contribution to the strengthening law enforcement cooperation between China and the rest of the international community. Thanks to his strong leadership and hard work, China’s cooperation with Interpol and its member states has made substantial progress.

Ladies and gentlemen,

As globalization continues, people of all countries have become members of a world village with shared destiny, while peace, development and win-win cooperation remain the themes of our times. Our world still faces unprecedented security threats and challenges. Now more than ever, countries in the world need to unite and respond together. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council and member of the international community, China always attaches great importance to and actively promotes law enforcement cooperation with countries across the globe. Together, we have jointly combated transnational organized crimes and actively responded to various non-traditional security threats to effectively safeguard world peace and security. China values the leadership role of Interpol in global police and law enforcement cooperation and actively participates in bilateral and multilateral cooperation within its framework. The Chinese government recommends and supports Mr. Meng’s candidacy in hope to achieve greater efficiency for Internpol, more benefits for the members and stronger security for our world.

Last but not the least, as the host of next year’s General Assembly, China warmly welcomes all of you to China for the 86th General Assembly of Interpol. We look forward to seeing you all in Beijing in 2017.

Now, may I propose a toast:

To the success of the 85th General Assembly of Interpol,

To the security, stability, development and prosperity of our world,

And to our reunion in Beijing in 2017.


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