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Ambassador Xie Feng: Oppose Hyping-up and Over-interpretation of Allegedly Illegal Chili-planting by Individual Chinese Citizens

On 15 December after his meeting with Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Gen. Wiranto, Chinese Ambassador Xie Feng received an interview by the local media.

Ambassador Xie said that the Chinese government has all along encouraged Chinese citizens traveling abroad to abide by local laws and regulations, respect local custom and habits and live in harmony with the local people. If individual Chinese citizen is suspected of involvement in activities against Indonesian laws and regulations, the Chinese side respects the Indonesian government in its impartial handling in accordance with facts and laws while the legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese citizen shall also be effectively guaranteed. The Chinese side strongly opposes any attempt to mix up individual behavior with action of the state or any unfounded accusation that such isolated case is “a conspiracy” or “a biological weapon to destroy Indonesia’s economy".

Ambassador Xie stressed that as people-to-people exchanges between China and Indonesia continue to grow in recent years, more and more Chinese people are visiting Indonesia to meet friends, experience local culture and promote mutually beneficial cooperation. Their visits have strengthened the cooperation and friendship between the two countries and contributed to the economic growth of Indonesia. Ambassador Xie hopes that the Indonesian side could properly handle this case and work with the Chinese side to safeguard the sound momentum of growth for bilateral relations.

During his meeting before the interview, Ambassador Xie also conveyed the above concerns of the Chinese side to the Coordinating Minister Gen. Wiranto.

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