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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Response to Chili-Planting by 4 Chinese Citizens in Indonesia

The recent years have witnessed continuous growth in people-to-people exchanges between China and Indonesia. China has become the largest source of overseas tourists for Indonesia. More and more Chinese citizens are traveling to Indonesia to make new friends, experience the local culture and promote mutually beneficial cooperation. Such visits have contributed to the cooperation and friendship between the two countries and to the socioeconomic development of Indonesia.

The Chinese side has taken note of the relevant reports on chili-planting by 4 Chinese citizens in Indonesia.

The Chinese government remains persistent in its position that overseas Chinese citizens should abide by local laws and regulations, respect local custom and habits and live in amity with local people. In case of individual Chinese citizen is suspected of involvement in activities against Indonesian laws and regulations, the Chinese side respects the Indonesian government in its impartial handling of the case according to facts and law while the legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese citizen shall be effectively guaranteed.

It is neither well-founded nor justified to over-interpret this isolated case as "a conspiracy" or "a biological weapon to destroy Indonesia's economy" or to misinterpret individual citizens' behavior as action of the state. Such reports are misleading and have caused great concerns. The Chinese side does not wish to see any harm to the friendly relations between the two countries and their peoples.

The cooperation between China and Indonesia is mutually-beneficial and win-win in nature. A sound bilateral relationship serves the interests of Indonesia as it equally does for China. China always takes Indonesia as its good neighbor, good friend and good partner. China is fully committed to its comprehensive strategic partnership with Indonesia. The Chinese side stands ready to work with people from various sectors in Indonesia to cherish and maintain the burgeoning relationship between the two countries.

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